seseh beach


Seseh beach

Seseh Beach is located on the west coast of Bali, between Tabanan and Seminyak – Kuta – Canggu.

It is a small traditional Balinese village with a very strong sense of community, having preserved the customs and culture of old Bali.

Seseh is unique in Bali: a very active fishing village, surrounded by kilometers of rice terraces, which are still the main source of livelihood of the villagers.

The village offers postcard-like landscapes. Every morning the ballet of the fishing boats that starts at sunrise before ending at sunset. In addition, there are frequent colorful religious processions on the beach. You witness the impoundment of the fields, the pricking of the rice shoots, the growth and the harvests. This is followed by the drying of newly harvested rice balls on huge rattan carpets covering the sides of rice fields, alleys, or even the beach itself. Another common sight is the shepherd bringing a hundred ducks into the rice fields with his long bamboo cane. These are only some of the many photo opportunities.

Bali villa Ocean is an ideal destination for those who want to get lost in the beauty of the countryside and blend with the locals to get a privileged glimpse of the Balinese Hindu lifestyle. The villagers are very hospitable with respectful and friendly visitors.

More than anything, Seseh is a superb place to explore the cultural heritage sites for which Bali is famous. While traveling in Bali you expect a magical island with lush landscapes, ornate temples and sandy beaches. The village is the perfect place to see the real Bali. Bali villa Ocean is very privileged.

Located about 50 minutes from the airport, Bali’s main entertainment areas are nearby.
Seminyak, where you can dine in one of the world class restaurants or go shopping in a very chic boutique, is 30 minutes away.
Located 10 minutes away from the villa is Canggu Echo beach, the village of surfers, vegans and yoga enthusiasts.
Seseh Beach is not isolated, but it enjoys a sense of tranquility and calm on the Indian Ocean.

A sacred beach

Seseh Beach is venerated by the Balinese as a sacred beach. Almost daily you will witness processions of villagers, sometimes coming from the distant villages of the mountains.

Once a year the beach comes to life with a festival of white and gold. Held three days before the Balinese New Year (“Nyepi”), in March, on a small number of sacred beaches, long processions of Balinese in beautiful white and golden clothes cross the winding alleys of the countryside. A truly unique experience and something many travelers will never see.


Surfers enjoy a good choice of surf spots with the nearby Echo Beach Canggu spots, Batu Bolong Old Man’s, Pererenan, which are all accessible from the villa along the beach.

Seseh Beach also has its own surf spot. Soft and fun waves that can offer some strength. Long left and short straight, better to surf at mid tide / high tide.